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Welcome to, the official website for The Books of the World Spectrum, a new science fantasy ebook series by Tyler F.M. Edwards.

This site will feature any and all news related to the World Spectrum series, as well as bonus material such as cast photos, short stories, lore, character bios, and more.

Rage of the Old Gods, the First Book of the World SpectrumSo what are The Books of the World Spectrum? Read on for a rundown on the series.

Humanity was not born free:

To start with, they’re works of science fantasy, meaning they incorporate elements of both sci-fi and traditional high fantasy. In my case, this means explaining sci-fi concepts — such as robotics and genetic modification — through various types of magic.

In this series, I approach magic as more science than art. I like to say that my wizards are more geek than Gandalf. Rather than drawing power from arcane incantations or mystical beings, their magic is enhanced through cold, hard technology.

The phrase “world spectrum” refers to the setting, a spectral multiverse where various worlds are separated by their energy level. High energy worlds teem with life and thrum with power, while low energy worlds are icy places where the handful of creatures that do survive trudge through their lives in perpetual slow motion.

The human race is native to the temperate world of Barria, but they did not arise naturally. They were created to be slaves for the tyrannical Old Gods. They languished for uncounted generations before winning their freedom in the ancient conflict known as the Liberation, and the dark legacy of their origin haunts them to this day.

The star of the series is Leha, a young merchant and amateur historian. Leha is not exceptionally strong, intelligent, or skilled. Most would consider her a fool with more dreams than good sense.

But terrible things long thought impossible are about to be unleashed on the spectrum of worlds. Humanity’s greed and hate have opened the way for the Old Gods to reclaim their world. In such times, it will take someone with Leha’s reckless defiance to save humankind — from the Old Gods, and from the darker aspects of themselves.

Official logo for The Books of the World SpectrumWhere, when, and how:

The series will be published through Smashwords. An exact release date has not been set, but the launch is targeted for the late spring or early summer of 2013, so you won’t have long to wait. Similarly, a price for each ebook is yet to be set, but expect it to be quite affordable.

There are not currently any concrete plans to release the series as physical books, but that may be a possibility down the line.

Initially, two books will be released: Rage of the Old Gods and Children of the Gods. I am currently in the process of writing a third book in the series, tentatively titled Human Again. More details on it will come once the first two books are released.

For more information, check out the About and Frequently Asked Questions pages, and become a follower for regular updates.

Official logo for The Books of the World SpectrumYou still want more? How about an exclusive excerpt from Rage of the Old Gods to whet your appetite?

Excerpt from chapter three, Tyzu:

Something snarled.

Looking behind, Leha saw a dark blur hurtling towards her. She leapt, and a creature that was somewhere between a large cat, a bulldog, and a human slammed into the ground where she had been standing.

She dropped into a defensive crouch and raised her staff. Her heart jammed itself into her throat.

It pounced at her. She flung her staff at it, but she missed, so she drew her sword and attacked with it instead, slashing its shoulder and hurling it against a tree.

Its back hit the tree with a loud thwack, but in the blink of an eye, its arms rotated backwards and grabbed the trunk. It leered and launched itself at her, moving its arms back to a more normal position.

Leha jumped backwards with all her strength. She soared across the forest floor, the beast leaping after her.

She rebounded off a tree and hit the underbrush hard. She rolled, her frightened breaths coming fast. Her adversary leapt after her, landing so close she could smell its carrion-like stink. It blurred forward, snapping its jaws.

Leha took another flying leap backward. The creature followed. She swung her sword wildly in the hopes of frightening the creature.

She was tensing her legs for another jump, when two bolts of sharpened wood pierced her adversary in midair.

It fell to the ground, dead.

A man-shaped blur appeared at the carcass, retrieved the crude spears, leapt, and landed a few feet from her.

This new being was human in shape, but decidedly alien. Its leathery, hairless skin had a deep orangish tan, its fingers and toes ended in long dark claws, and its pupils were a deep blue. It wore a loincloth and appeared to be male. It had stowed the spears in a satchel on its back, and its hands were empty, but she assumed the claws were weapons enough. It stared down at her intensely. It stood more than a foot taller than her.

It took a step forward and barked several syllables. It might have been a language.

Leha raised her sword and tried to control her labored breathing. “Stay back.”

It took a step forward. It spoke strange words and gestured with its hands.

“Stay back!” she warned. She raised her sword, hoping she looked more dangerous than she felt.

The alien appeared taken aback. It said more things she could not understand.

Leha’s heart pounded, and sweat rolled down her back.

The creature stepped forward. Leha slashed the air. The alien shook its head.

Before she could stop it, the creature wrapped its wiry arms around her waist and leapt into the canopy. She tried to fight it as it jumped from tree to tree, but it had taken her sword. Her fists and teeth made no impact on its hard skin.

She began to scream.



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4 responses to “ Now Live!

  1. It’s great to see more steampunk around. I’ve been feeling lonely here lately. Your world sounds very well developed, and I enjoyed your writing excerpt too. :)

  2. I cannot wait for this. Your writing is thoroughly enjoyable and you focus a lot on character development, from what I have seen so far. Gonna probably devour the first installment in one sitting, others in my household be damned :P

    • Glad to hear you’re looking forward to it.

      I find it interesting you like my character development. I’ve always viewed character as my weakness as a writer. World-building, action scenes… I ace those. Characters give me all the trouble.

      Don’t worry about the necro, either. I see nothing wrong with commenting on an older post.

  3. Gah I realize I just necroed a post. Sorry!

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