Character Bio: Leha

Welcome to the first installment of an ongoing series of biographies for the central characters of the World Spectrum series. These will cover who my characters were before war descended on Barria, and what kind of people they are.

We’ll start with the star of the series, a woman who would rise to become one of the great heroes of the human race.

Leha (lee-hah):

“There is no gain without risk.”

Leha, main character of the World Spectrum novelsLeha is a woman who possesses tremendous common sense and caution, both of which she ignores with an almost religious fervor.

Anyone you ask will tell you Leha is trouble. When she was a child, she drove her parents to distraction by constantly going places where she wasn’t supposed to be and doing things she wasn’t supposed to do. If she wasn’t stealing sweets from the local bakery, she was sneaking into the Automaton yards to peak at the giant war machines.

Having reached adulthood, Leha has mellowed somewhat, but she is still a person that does what she wants and what’s exciting, not what’s smart or sensible.

That’s not to say that Leha is stupid. She is, in fact, quite bright, if not necessarily a genius. But she is a dreamer. She treats life like a fantasy, trusting that everyone will eventually live happily ever after.

The blame for this could be placed on her father. He started reading adventure novels and books of history to her at an early age, and she quickly fell in love with the written word, and especially tales of far off places and times.

Her books are now her most prized possessions, and her mind is filled with dreams of adventure and exploration. She is filled with a burning curiosity for the past, and for far off places like the alien worlds of Sy’om and Tyzu, which were cut off from humanity long ago.

Leha has spent her entire short life in the city of Three Gates, a trading hub at the western edge of Eastenhold. Bordering the nations of Karkar and Tor Som, Three Gates is a melting pot of different cultures. It allows Leha to fulfill her dreams of traveling the world without ever leaving home.

Leha operates a small antique and curio shop offering an eclectic mix of genuine artifacts and… other items. It’s a line of work that indulges her curiosity and love of history.

She loses most of her business to bigger and more successful dealers, and she has often been cautioned against this unwise business venture, but she ignores such views. She manages to eke out a living through sheer charm and salesmanship. Leha is a charismatic woman who can convince almost anyone of almost anything.

Leha, main character of the World Spectrum novelsLeha is neophile who grows bored easily. As a result, she has had many lovers, but few loves. She has many friends, but few people she is truly close to. In fact, the only person she can truly be said to be close with is her older brother, Drogin.

Drogin and Leha have been inseparable since she was a toddler.  Drogin dotes on her, and she’s not above occasionally manipulating his love for her to get her way. He has often suffered the consequences of helping her with her reckless schemes. After all, she was too short to get over the fence around the Automaton yards on her own.

Leha spent all her life imagining what it would be like to be a hero like those who fought in the Liberation. She dreamed of fighting the Old Gods and exploring alien worlds.

She is about to learn the importance of being careful what you wish for. Leha may not seem like a hero, but no traditional method of warfare will save humankind when the Old Gods’ return. Only Leha’s reckless will to defy impossible odds will offer hope as all of human civilization comes crashing down.

And even that may not be enough.


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