Character Bio: Drogin

Drogin (droh-gin):

“Little Sister, please, I beg you not to do this. You’re going to get yourself killed.”

Drogin, Leha's brotherDrogin is the brother of Leha, her elder by two years, and her closest friend and confidante. At a young age, his father impressed upon him the importance of looking after his little sister, and ever since, Drogin has viewed it as his solemn duty to watch out for her.

As children, Drogin and Leha were virtually inseparable. They share many interests, including an intense curiosity and a love of history, but Drogin’s lust for knowledge is tempered by a cautious demeanor and a healthy respect for law and authority.

Leha does not share this caution, though, and Drogin often wound up being dragged into her reckless and irresponsible adventures, such as the infamous time they sneaked into the Automaton yards as children.

Drogin has a small magical talent. It’s too weak for him to be considered a true wizard, but he can accomplish small spells, and he has a good understanding of magical theory. His power is sufficient that, if he ever finds himself in danger, he would be more likely to defend himself with his wand than a sword or crossbow.

His magical talent allowed him to pursue his dream and become an Automaton technician. Minor magical workings are an important part of the construction and maintenance of the massive war machines, so a certain degree of magical talent is required.

Drogin has always loved technology, and Automatons are the most advanced expression of human artifice. But aside from any high-minded love of knowledge, the truth is that Drogin just never grew out of being the little boy who loved anything big, ugly, and powerful. Deep down, Drogin is still the kid who used to play with toy Automatons in the mud, making “Boom! Bang!” noises all the while.

Drogin’s passion and expertise led him to become the chief Automaton technician for the city of Three Gates at a fairly young age, an accomplishment he wears with pride.

Drogin, Leha's brotherBut although his machines are built for war, Drogin has little interest in conflict. Despite all the hours he puts into making his machines as strong as possible, he would be perfectly happy if he never had to test them in combat.

Though technically a part of the city guard, Drogin does not consider himself a soldier. He views himself as a craftsman first and foremost, and his military rank is a means to an end.

But war is coming to Three Gates. Soon, Drogin’s machines will be needed to hold off the coming invasion.

And that is just a prelude to the true disaster, a disaster that will upend Drogin’s life and make him question everything he ever believed in.


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