Lore: Tyzu

Tyzu (tie-zoo):

Of the three worlds visited by humanity, Tyzu sits highest in the spectrum of worlds. It exists at a higher level of energy than humanity’s home world, Barria, and is an alien and savage place.

As a result of its high energy, everything on Tyzu seems to happen at dizzying speed, and one will find one’s strength increased many times over. Simply stepping forward will hurl you across the ground as if you had leapt with all your might.

Tyzu is a hot, steamy jungle world that teems with life, its air filled with the screeching and chirping of a million different birds and insects at all hours. It is covered by endless forests of trees thicker than a large home and taller than the mightiest Automatons. The wide spaces between these trees are shaded by the vast canopy, but even so, they are completely choked with shrubbery, vines, and other undergrowth.

Every inch of Tyzu is covered by a dense carpet of plant life. Even its oceans are so choked with seaweed and algae that they resemble a thick stew more than anything.

Tyzu is also home to innumerable species of alien mammals, reptiles, insects, birds, amphibians, and less identifiable creatures. In the high energy, even evolution is accelerated, and species can develop new adaptations in weeks, not years. It’s rumored that some creatures can even consciously control their own biology, allowing them to change their bodies as the situation requires.

As a result, new creatures arise regularly, putting Tyzu’s biosphere in constant flux. Life on Tyzu takes on a savage edge, as no species, no matter how formidable, is ever truly safe. Only the fiercest and most adaptable of creatures can survive.

Tyzu is home to some of the deadliest predators in the known universe, including the cunning double-jointed mammals known as the Stassai and the massive porcupine-bears known as the kulu’jula.

Tyzu is also wracked by deadly storms that are infinitely more powerful than their Barrian counterparts. What would be a hurricane on Barria is merely a light rainfall on Tyzu, and these storms can form almost instantly, leaving little time to find shelter.

However, despite all its savagery and dangers, Tyzu has much plenty to offer those who are strong enough to survive. There is never any shortage of fruit or wild game. It is far too chaotic for agriculture to be practical, but if anyone had the courage to overcome Tyzu’s dangers, they would never find themselves wanting for food.

Tyzu is a harsh mistress, but it has many gifts for those who prove themselves worthy of its challenges.


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