Interview by Sarah Cradit + I’m on Facebook

Recently, I filled out an interview for the guest author program run by fellow indie author Sarah M. Cradit. In it, I discuss my writing process, talk about the World Spectrum books, and go on an epic rant about what makes good fantasy.

Check it out at Sarah’s blog, And Then There Was Sarah. While there, you can take a look at her own writing project, The House of Crimson and Clover series.

I’d like to thank Sarah for her insightful questions and the opportunity to get the word out about my writing.

Official logo for The Books of the World SpectrumI’m on Facebook:

In other news, I’ve expanded my efforts to promote the World Spectrum series by creating an author page for myself on Facebook. Click through and “like” for regular updates on the World Spectrum and to derisively laugh at my pathetic attempts to come up with interesting status updates.



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2 responses to “Interview by Sarah Cradit + I’m on Facebook

  1. You’re quite welcome Tyler…thanks for participating!

    Also, I sent your FB page a like. Here’s mine:

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