Lore: Sy’om

Sy’om (sigh-ahm):

The frigid world of Sy’om sits beneath humanity’s home world, Barria, in the spectrum of worlds. As a low energy world, it is cold, inhospitable, and nearly lifeless.

Sy’om is a glacial place, in every sense of the term. Nearly the entire world is covered by ice and snow, and its low energy also makes life play out at an incredibly slow pace. It’s as if time itself has slowed. This bizarre sensation, coupled with the rugged terrain, can make it very difficult to walk and operate on Sy’om for those who are unaccustomed to it.

Sy’om is a world that rarely changes. It has no discernible seasons, existing in a state of perpetual winter. Likewise, it has almost no weather to speak of. Snow flurries are common, but true storms are almost unheard of.

Although both Sy’om and Tyzu were used as bases by humanity during their war against the Old Gods, Sy’om was ultimately the less important world in the conflict. For all their dangers, Tyzu’s jungles are still better able to support life than are the frigid wastelands of Sy’om. Whereas a party on Tyzu could easily support itself by hunting local game and harvesting fruit, visitors to Sy’om are almost totally dependent on outside supplies.

One can theorize that the only reason Sy’om played a part in the war at all is simply because it is so inhospitable. As harsh as it is to humans, the infamously intransigent Old Gods would have found Sy’om much more difficult to adapt to.

At first glance, Sy’om seems completely bereft of life. However, the observant visitor will eventually notice that this is not the case. Lichens and other hardy plants cling to the few surfaces not covered by ice. These serve as food for small mammals and other creatures, and these, in turn, support a small population of birds of prey and other mid-sized predators.

Humanity has no record of intelligent life on Sy’om, but the world has never been fully explored. Who knows what entities might have arisen in its icy wilds?


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