Character Bio: Eranna

Before I get to today’s bio, I’d like to provide an update on getting the books to market.

I’d like to, but the truth is, there isn’t much to say. I’m making final tweaks to formatting, my cover artist is working on the cover for “Children of the Gods,” and that’s about it. Not that exciting.

Doesn’t stop me from keeping myself up all night with worrying about how the launch will go.

I still don’t want to put any firm dates on when the books will be released… but it should be somewhere between “soon” and “soonish.” I’m definitely on the home stretch.

I’ll tell you this much: “Rage of the Old Gods” looks pretty good on Kindle.

On with the show.

Eranna (er-an-ah):

“For Tor Som.”

Eranna is a patriot.

She’s not the sort of patriot who spends all her time waving flags and telling everyone who will listen that Tor Som is the greatest nation on Barria. She doesn’t shout her love for her nation from the rooftops. Eranna simply loves her home.

Eranna, soldier of Tor SomA farm girl, she grew up in the countryside just outside Tor Som’s capitol, Retgard. She spent her youth playing in the forests and the fields and developed a deep love for the rugged wilderness of the northern land. She grew up with loving parents and good friends, and she came to believe that her land and her people were worth fighting for — or even dying for.

And so she eventually left for Retgard and enlisted in the Tor military as a foot soldier. It was difficult for her to leave her parents’ farm with no heir, but they understood and respected her decision.

Eranna is a serious woman. Some might even go so far as to call her dour or joyless. There may some truth to the this, but ultimately, she is simply quiet, thoughtful, and disciplined. These traits serve her well in the military, and she has come to earn the respect of her fellow soldiers.

She might not be an officer or a leader, but she is a valued member of any squad she serves in. She does her duty, and she does it without complaint. After all, a soldier follows orders, no matter what those orders may be.

And Eranna’s orders now send her to war.

Tor Som has changed much since Eranna was a child. The nation has been slowly gathering in strength since it helped to defeat the venerable Jansian Empire, and it now sits as one of the great powers of the world.

The new empress, Lorganna Tor Vargis, wishes to see her nation grow even more powerful, and to that end, she has turned her eyes on the neighboring nation of Eastenhold: its rich farmland, its lucrative mines, and its free-spirited people with their history of defying Tor interests.

Eranna, soldier of Tor SomEmpress Tor Vargis has declared that Eastenhold must fall, and she has diverted all the power of the Tor war machine to making that happen. Including soldiers like Eranna.

Eranna joined the military to defend her homeland, but she is about to find herself in the role of invader, of conqueror. But after all, they’re only Eastenholders, and a soldier has to follow orders.



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