Updates, October 2013

It’s time again for another round of updates to WorldSpectrum.net. While not as radical as last month’s additions, there are still some juicy new items being added this time around.


Human Again news:

I’m slowly chugging towards getting Human Again ready for launch. A colleague of mine has taken the time to read through it and give me some very thoughtful feedback. Armed with this knowledge, I’m now ready to begin my final proofread/edit.

Life is a bit screwy right now with my trying to move back to Toronto and other Real Life issues, but I will try to prioritize getting Human Again ready over the next few weeks.

Once that’s done, all that’s left to do is formatting and uploading to Smashwords. I’m sure people are eager to see the final chapter of Leha’s story play out.

I’ve also revealed the chapter titles for Human Again, providing a first tantalizing glimpse of the plot.

New cast photos:

As part of the preparations for the upcoming release of book three, I’ve added new cast photos for two new characters added in Human Again: Alistos, a Piran soldier with a tragic past, and Nahsreen, a Reborn Grayskin. Additionally, I’ve added Yarnig to the roster.

I’ve also included a special treat — a glimpse into the future of the World Spectrum series. Ever wondered who the next generation of Barria’s heroes will be? Get ready for your first look.

Alistos, soldier of PiraNew review and interview:

I recently took part in a new automated interview program put together at Smashwords. My interview should give you some insight into my personality and my life as a writer, and for this, I sincerely apologize.

In other news, Tammy Dewhurst of Rabid Readers has taken the time to sit down and review Rage of the Old Gods. She has a few criticisms but found the book enjoyable overall.

Click through to read her review

Remember, I’m always looking for more people to review my books. If you’d like a free copy to review, send me a message via my contact page. Include a link to the blog, website, or social media profile you’ll be posting the review at.

Also, if you’ve already read my books, please remember to post reviews of them on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, or anywhere else you can think of. Every little bit helps.

Encyclopedia updates:

I’ve also added a few miscellaneous posts that can be accessed from the encyclopedia page, including my most proud moments and biggest regrets from the World Spectrum series.

A new way to buy:

In other news, Smashwords has entered into a partnership with Oyster, a new service for distributing ebooks. For a reasonable monthly subscription fee (around $10), you get unlimited access to every ebook in their catalogue. Think of it as Netflix for ebooks.

I’ve already opted in to have my books included in Oyster, so they should be appearing on the service shortly. How it works is that I get a payment roughly equal to what I would get from any other Smashwords affiliate anytime an Oyster user reads a certain percentage of one of my books.

If you’re a big fan of ebooks, Oyster seems like a fairly good deal, and I hope any users of the service will take the time to check out the World Spectrum novels once they’re available.

* * *

Remember to follow my other blog, Superior Realities, if you want all the latest news on the World Spectrum series, as well as my other projects and interests, as they happen.


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