Updates, December 2013

I’ve made another round of content updates here at WorldSpectrum.net. They’re a diverse lot, covering the earliest history of the World Spectrum, both in-universe and in reality, as well as glimpses of the future.

cropped-world-spectrum-banner.jpgThe first tastes of Human Again:

As Human Again draws ever closer to launch, I’ve begun releasing more teasers for the book. I’ve posted the first two hundred words of the novel’s opening chapter, which seem ominously upbeat,  and I’ve also revealed its cover art, depicting the spectrum of worlds as you’ve never seen it.

Encyclopedia updates:

I’ve also made some new additions to the encyclopedia. I’ve written a lengthy lore post covering the history of human civilization on Barria from the Liberation up to just before the events of Rage of the Old Gods, and I’ve done another post on my inspirations for the series. This one covers the more intangible aspects of the books’ overall look, feel, and themes.

Looking forward:

There hasn’t been much news on the World Spectrum front lately, but that’s because most of my energy is being spent on getting Human Again ready for publication. I know I’ve said this before, but I’m very close now. The final proofread is nearing completion, and after that, all I need to do is format it and upload it to Smashwords — a matter of mere hours.

I’m also working on a new short story set after the events of Children of the Gods. It’s currently titled, No True Clanswoman, and I hope to get it to you soon™. And I’ve got some plans for the holidays that might prove interesting…

* * *

Remember to follow my other blog, Superior Realities, if you want all the latest news on the World Spectrum series, as well as my other projects and interests, as they happen.


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