World Spectrum Holiday Sale

To celebrate the holidays and the recent release of Human Again, I will be holding a sale on the World Spectrum novels running from now until January 1, offering deep discounts on my science fantasy epics:

50% off book one, Rage of the Old Gods!

30% off book two, Children of the Gods!

10% off book three, Human again!

With these discounts, you can purchase the entire trilogy for under $5 — less than the price of most paperbacks — making it a great opportunity to jump into the series if you haven’t already.

Curling up with your ereader for some epic adventure is a nice way to take a load off after all the stress of holiday shopping, and Smashwords ebooks are DRM free, so you can also purchase them and then send them to friends as gifts. A great choice for any readers or fantasy fans on your shopping list.

Here’s how it works:

Copy the appropriate coupon code below, click the buy link on the book’s Smashwords page (accessed via the links above), and input the code when prompted to receive the discount.

Rage of the Old Gods code:


Children of the Gods code:


Human Again code:


Codes are not case sensitive.

Please note that these discounts only apply to purchases through Smashwords. You will not receive any discount on purchases made through other retailers. But do keep in mind that Smashwords provides ebooks in all major formats, so you should be able to enjoy my books regardless of your preferred reading device.

Also note that these codes will cease to function on January 1, 2014, so make sure to take advantage now.

Happy holidays!



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2 responses to “World Spectrum Holiday Sale

  1. Isn’t the internet wonderful?

    I saw you post on TSW forums about a lore-related question, saw your username and signature (with a link to your website) and immediately signed up for Smashwords and bought all three of your books, just for the opportunity of reading what appears to be a loosely-related World of Warcraft-inspired trilogy.

    Yey! Christmas reading.

    • Heh, I knew that link would pay off sooner or later. Thanks for your support.

      As for the WoW inspiration… Eh, maybe a little. Warcraft’s a big inspiration on my writing in general. But mainly, I’d say my influences for this series were Battlestar Galactica and Ian Irvine’s Three Worlds Cycle.

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