Cast Photos

The following images were produced using the character creators from the MMORPG video games Aion and Black Desert Online.

I’ve saved the character creation templates for all the Black Desert characters, so if you have Black Desert and want to play as one of my novel characters, you can. Just send me a message via my contact page.


Leha, main character of the World Spectrum novels

I think Aion’s version is probably a little closer to my mental image of her, but both are good. The Black Desert version looks a little too mature, but it’s okay as long as we imagine it’s book three Leha, not book one Leha.


Drogin, Leha's brother

Drogin, Leha's brother


Natoma, created via Black Desert Online's character creator


Eranna, soldier of Tor Som

Neither version’s hairstyle is quite right. Black Desert’s is close, but it should only be the big braid in the back without the extra braids in front.


Prince Tyrom of Pira, recreated via Black Desert Online's character creator

I’m not entirely happy with either version of Tyrom. The Aion version is too boyish, but the Black Desert version isn’t boyish enough.

Yarnig Tor Lannis:

Yarnig Tor Lannis, emperor of all Tor Som

Aion does not support short, curly hair, so his hairstyle isn’t 100% accurate. It’s also hard to make unattractive characters in Aion, so his skin should be more blemished, his face bonier, and his ears larger, but overall, this is pretty darn close to the Real Slim Yarnig.


Breena, sorceress of the Northern Clans, recreated via Black Desert Online's character creator


Zuruk, Reborn warrior

Zuruk, Reborn warrior


Alistos, soldier of Pira

Alistos, soldier of Pira


Nahsreen, Reborn Grayskin

Nahsreen, Reborn Grayskin

Bonus: A glimpse into the future

Just for fun, I decided to create two more characters, children of the previous cast members. If I continue the World Spectrum series, I’m considering these two as new main characters. Warning: These will constitute major spoilers for the first two books, and a very minor spoiler for Human Again. Leave now if you don’t wish any spoilers.

* * *

This is Abiri Tor Lannis, the daughter of Yarnig and Natoma. She is a bright, cheerful, and idealistic girl who uses her minor talent in magic to create sculptures and carvings of exquisite beauty. The Black Desert version is probably a little closer to how I imagine her. Couldn’t get her hair right, in style or colour, in Aion.

A Reborn orphan, Hilda Tor Kellis was adopted by Empress Eranna, who even went so far as to name her heir to the House of Tor Kellis, a decision that has earned Hilda no friends among the Tor nobility. While she is not Eranna’s daughter by blood, she’s her daughter in spirit — a dour and gloomy woman given to dark contemplations.


3 responses to “Cast Photos

  1. Sharon Kusmertz

    Great visuals for the story. Will we get Doga or Benefactor?

    • Unfortunately, you’d need a real artist for that. Aion’s character customization is good, but not that good. I was almost able to do Doga, but I couldn’t get his skin tone right.

      I do have more characters coming, though. Tyrom, Breena, and Zuruk are all on their way.

  2. Sharon Kusmertz

    Your artistry is in the world you created. When it is needed, I’m sure there will be a visual artist found to create them.

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