Reviews and Interviews

Reviews for the World Spectrum novels:


The story is rightly epic in proportion and epic in size too. The pages are full of battles and reflection on the morality of war, the fraternal bond of humanity, and eminent destruction at the hands of the very things we have made ourselves.


However, as quickly as I read this book, I didn’t skim. I’m not really sure how many pages it would be as a paperback, it’s 250 as a PDF, but there is little that can be construed as fluff. If the word is on the page, it’s most likely there for a purpose.

The Calligraphy Pen:

Tyler weaves together fantasy and science fiction with a little dash of steam punk without stalling the action with long technological descriptions.

Rabid Readers:

“Leha is a strong character and Edwards conveys her character to the reader quite well.”

I’m always looking for more reviewers. If you’d like a free copy of Rage of the Old Gods to review, get in touch with me. Be sure to include a link to the blog/website/social media profile you intend to post the review on.

Author interviews:

And Then There Was Sarah Guest Author: Tyler F.M. Edwards

There is a black, icy void where my soul is supposed to be, and the only thing that can fill it is the adoration of others, so please read my books.

Smashwords Author Interview

I should say that writing generally doesn’t involve a lot of joy. It’s mostly a lot of hard work and disappointment. I like to describe the writing process as six months of agony for an hour of ecstasy.


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